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Who will win the race for your e-Commerce business Magneto or Shopify? Let’s find out

In competitive market to let your product shine you need a best showcase for your products and this will be done by e-Commerce website. But to build this e-Commerce website you have variety of options to choose with. Amongst all, the best available option is Magento and Shopify. But between these who will stand-out the most is a very difficult task as both are best at their own prospective and to understand this let’s make it simple by showing you some brief description about both that help you to choose.


There are more than 240,000 websites that utilize this e-Commerce platform. Around 26% of all online stores use Magento Community Edition and 5% of them use Magento Enterprise version.

Magento 2 is generally uses the platform that is most preferred by medium and large-sized online stores.

Magento is an open-source solution that provides full freedom over every single aspect of your online store that applies to SEO as well. You can also fine-tune permalinks for inventory items, as well as Meta content.

Magento Open Source will cost you for hosting and its charge will depend on where you choose to host. With Magento’s Commerce Cloud and Magento in general, there is not fixed price as everything will be custom to your store and needs.

Magento bluster some big names like Nike, Rosetta stone, Olympus, and Ghirardelli.


In comparison with Magento despite being comparatively young, the platform has already won popularity with more than 100,000 online sellers around the globe, and its audience continues to grow at super fast speed.
In general, most small online stores are more inclined towards Shopify with its ease of use (often marketed feature) is attractive to new and unfamiliar online store owners.

Shopify gives options to edit Meta tags and optimize inventory and product pages in SEO-friendly ways. More to it, this platform allows in-depth optimization that involves modifying the file structure that makes it easier for search toddlers to do their job.

The best part is its affordability as it comes with the price of $29 per month, but that price goes up to $299 if we go for Advanced Shopify plan. By investing more, you get access to a more extensive set of features like advanced statistics, gift cards, and much more.

Shopify includes a few big names like Tesla and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Store.

Feature Comparison

Capabilities: Magento support marks over 5000 add-on extensions, Whereas Shopify marks only over 100 apps and add-ons both free and paid. It is clear that Shopify lacks in diversity to the apps and add-ons providers. This difference gives a huge benefit to Magento 2. Also for that reason, Magento 2 can come with more front-end features for shoppers such as coupon codes, gift cards, customer dashboards, related products, wishlists, order status modules, and so on compared to Shopify.

Themes and Templates: Both Magento 2 and Shopify offer a huge amount of themes and templates that too with responsive design. Therefore, your store always has the strength to get the most eye-catching frontend look.
Community: Compared to Shopify, Magento has a strong community for Magento users to discuss and share the solutions for issues during configuring the store site. Due to this it has a great strategy to bring Magento to the top of e-commerce platforms. The Magento Community grows progressively which consists of merchants, partners and developers that will help you with all Magento related problems.

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