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Engagement Model

Every business is different and unique, so we believe that every relationship requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customer face across different phases of the software lifecycle. We are equipped with engineering resources that are available around the world to devise highly flexible and scalable customer centric engagement models which perfectly apt our customer’s IT requirement.

01. Dedicated Team

Dedicated team is a business model where client and service provider mutually agree on the project requirements and tasks for the specified amount of time. In this model, clients hire single or a team of dedicated developers according to their project requirement. Dedicated developers will Exclusively work on a specific project and client can monitor the performed activities and process of the project.

  • Request validate
  • Size skills requirements
  • Discuss CV & Conduct Interviews
  • Assigning dedicated team members
  • Manage project scope & assign new tasks
  • Team works according to your scope
  • Release the product
  • Request Validation.
  • Size Skills Requirements.
  • Discuss CV & Conduct Interviews
  • Assigning Dedicated Team Members.
  • Manage Project Scope & Assign New Task
  • Team Works Accroding To Your Scope
  • Release The Product.

02. Time and Material

Time and material is gaining more and more popularity, since it allows more control over its development progress and cost, instead of taking an educated guess at eventual expenses with high probability of additional overpriced changes. This model doesn’t have vision of final product as it is divided into several different stages.

  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Flexible resource utilization
  • Long term resource allocation
  • Efficient working during requirements
  • Highly involved with resource
  • Easy team modification
  • Envisages payment at Hourly rate
  • Audit Your Requirements
  • Determine Scope And Approve Deliverables
  • Assemble A Team
  • Agree On The Rates & Sign Agreement
  • Work Is Started
  • Iteration
  • Release The Product

03. Fixed Price

Usually this model is preferred for small-size or urgent projects. During project life-cycle we provide phase-wise delivery and keep up with delivery schedule.

  • Clear and settled requirements
  • Cost of building app is fixed
  • Charge according to discussion
  • Rapid delivery option
  • Deadlines are clearly spelled out
  • Coordinating security review
  • Your Requirements
  • Discovery Phase
  • Requirements Specification
  • Proposal And Setting the Price & Timeline
  • Sign Agreement
  • Start Product Development
  • Get free 1 Month Warrant

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