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What are The Key Differences between PHP and .NET Development?

Web development is a huge industry where you chose among several coding languages, content management systems, or frameworks to make an ideal website.

Out of all the options, PHP and .NET are usually the first choices of developers. To choose wisely, we have made a list of the differences between PHP and .NET development for you.

.NET is privately owned, and PHP is open source

PHP is an open source platform, and that makes free of charge. Anyone can use the PHP for their personal and commercial purposes without paying anything to anyone. On the other hand, the IT-giant Microsoft owns .NET. If you wish to use the platform, you will have to purchase the license from the publisher.

Both have different purposes

The PHP is a mixture of coding language and framework through which you can develop attractive and interactive web applications. Just like any other coding language, PHP allows you to make a dynamic website using its own syntax and guidelines. PHP codes can be embedded in HTML coding or can be used as server-side scripting language.

.NET works like a bridge between a programming language and the operating system. .NET supports many languages like C#, VB.NET, J#, etc. .NET software framework runs on the Windows or Microsoft platforms.

Both have different tools for development.

To begin your projects, you will have to go for a different set of tools for each .NET and PHP. Mono and Visual Studio are the tools for the Microsoft-owned .NET, and Notepad++, NetBeans, PHPStorm, etc are used for PHP.

PHP is easier to learn

Experts believe that the simplicity of PHP coding makes it versatile and more comfortable to learn by a layman. It is a straightforward server-side scripting language which evens a fresher can grasp. .NET, on the other hand, is a slight complex and requires more energy and understanding of coding languages by the learner to master the framework.

Both have unique communities

Indeed, as both are different from each other, you cannot apply the concept of the one framework to its counterpart. The flow, compilation, and interpretation of the code require specific skill set and hardware capabilities.

That said, the web browsers and computer systems of these days are robust enough to understand the context behind the coding. Moreover, the community support of both is excellent too. As the PHP is an open source language, has a considerably more prominent and active community of talented developers. However, .NET is also gained momentum and has become popular that its community would be the proper source for all your solutions.

Conclusion – which one is better?

Performance wise, you won’t get any glitches from either of the platforms as both are best at what they do. But based on your resources and requirements, you need to decide which option is better for your web development needs.

If you want to know more, you can get in touch with our developers to know more about each platform and choose your option.

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