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Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a network of physical devices connected to internet which is used to communicate, sense and exchange data with the use of communication medium such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, NFC and Zigbee Wireless, etc. The administrator of these physical devices can get access to the collected data and manage the devices from anywhere using an app or browser. For more than decade, WebClues Global have powered critical projects for most demanding customers of IoT services and provided a qualifying advantage.



At WebClues Global, we work side-by-side with clients to determine the actual technologies required to connect their devices seamlessly.


We have great potential to analyze and visualize the data in real-time, integrate IoT data to your professional account and make rapid operational decision for your business advancement.


We work in various business verticals that include IoT solutions, educations, smart cities, environment monitoring, smart lightings, health care, sales force and industrial automation.


As IoT is in growing demand, there is a need for quality IoT application to standout of market in various segments and WebClues Global has the right standards of experienced employee to meet the quality.

Our Process

Our process has been grind and accomplished through years of experience and is applicable to any business model or industry. Our approach is not only to develop crafted solutions for existing problems, but we also look towards the future that helps to stay ahead of market trends and prepare for new challenges.

Keeping It Agile

Agile methodology embodies “we” rather than “I”. Our agile methodology lets you to work together according to the various modules. It operates through linear planning and control in order to capture values for shareholders. Organizations looking to transition towards agile can achieve this by collaborating with the workforce and leading them to the path and self-discovery. Realizing the importance and impact of active collaboration and emphasizing on how it would make the workforce better for future.


Communication is the process to transfer information between clients and company. We are passionate about client’s business and we take the time to truly understand their needs and requirements. We are natural connectors that leverage our wealth of networks, market knowledge and industry insights to assist our clients. During every module we notify our client and see if their requirements are fulfilled or not.

Quality Is The Key

It doesn’t matter how efficient, how progressive, or how automated a company becomes, if the quality is compromised the result are disastrous. That’s why quality is the building block that supports every transformation initiative, across each phase of product journey. At our company we never compromise with the quality and we make sure that our company can consistently meet brand’s standards by proposing IT innovations and managing risks.

What We Have Done So Far

Dimendscaasi Chicago

It is an eCommerce website for Jewellery. Diamonds are imported from different 3rd party vendors on daily basis and are used to make custom made Jewellery. A user has an option to modify jewellery to their liking.

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Cryptex Live

Cryptex is a trading platform that facilitates cryptocurrency exchange with TrueUSD pairings with other cryptocurrencies. Sign up with us and start trading today!

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Tile Dealer is a UK Retailer Selling wall and floor Tiles at low prices. Tiledealer stockist for Gemini tiles, Granfix adhesive,ultra adhesives.

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