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Top 10 must have Magento Extension for your e-Commerce Website

1. Magic Zoom
Magic Zoom helps to zoom in products any time that is available on the online store, with goal that they can view every single detail regarding the product. The best thing about this extension is it works smoothly with mobile phones and tablets, so client can view items on different screen size as well.

FAQ or “Frequently Asked Questions” page on website is must as it helps your customers quickly to find answers of the questions which lead them to buy your product thereby keeping one step closer to your clients.
The FAQ extension by MagePrince allows you to create a dedicated FAQ page, where you’ll be able to delight customers by creatively answering their questions.

3. Social Share
Social Share configures social media buttons to your store by giving authority to share and connect with top four social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. It is fairly a marketing plugin which is entirely customizable that improves page and product sharing rate by allowing customers to share them via multiple social media channels.

4. Zopim Live chat
Zopim live chat is best engaging extension of Magento that provides live chats with customers in a real time. This plugin connects with your customer on real-time by solving their queries over a live chat. It also multiplies the chances of engagement by providing proactive chat approach to automatically reach customers. They have built-in solution that eventually makes it easy to follow-up your customer, thereby improving relationship with your values customers. Integrating this plugin with your Magento-powered chat will resolve your issues regarding by speeding your response-time.

5. Check out
Checkout is a worthwhile extension that influences checkout to process smoother and bother free. It includes built-in feature like Auto Geolocation, multilingual help, responsive outlines, modified checkout page, similarity check, etc. This expansion is produced to rearrange the checkout procedure that enables client to complete the checkout procedure quicker and thereby expanding customer’s loyalty.

6. Store credit
Nowadays the most hateful thing in e-Commerce website is their refund in case of any dissatisfaction regarding any product. As with some e-Commerce websites customer doesn’t receive refund on time or maybe they have to wait for particular timeframe to receive their refund. Thus delay to it cost customer trust issues which lead to lose customer. But with store credit it provides in-store money which can be utilized for refund or reward purpose. Even with this extension one can track your customer’s payment and refund status with the help of grid maintained for each customers.

7. Advanced Product Designer
Customization is the first preference of customer these days. As the consumer demands are evolving with each passing days, it is important to provide with products that are appealing and should modified based on the choice of your customer. So, it is a Magento based product designer tool that helps to add text, graphics and cliparts to their favorite product and design according to their preferred choice and lets you to have preview of your customized product. Further to this extension is after finalizing the design customer can even order them for final printing.

8. Omnichannel Solutions
Approve your retail with Magento e-Commerce platform that supports actions in retailer kit in addition to inventory management; additionally it moreover offers advances to check and boost up sales in both online and offline store. So, it’s a best Omnichannel support extension for your e-Commerce website to grow your business faster.

9. SpringEdge SMS Integration
SpringEdge SMS facilitates proper communication between the website owner and the customers. The notification is sent when the customer registers to your e-Commerce website and even while a new order is placed. It also facilitates the order status if it changed or made it functional regarding the shipping or any.

10.Advance Sorting
Advance sorting will let you add custom sorting options in the backend to make your product visible wisely. This will give effective options to customer for products sorting such as; most viewed price low to high and vice-versa, best sellers, rating, etc. This will show the products that suits the best user.

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