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Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality- What is the Best Choice in 2020?

These days’ people are becoming tech-savvy due to the emergence of new technology every now and then. Technology has become a crucial part of life; it has made impossible things possible. If you’re fond of technology tools, then you might have come across “virtual reality” and “augmented reality.” These two terms are often interchanged and considered as one of the finest technology to date.
With virtual reality, you can experience that you’re swimming with sharks; on the other hand, augmented reality enables you to witness a shark peeping out. In a nutshell, VR is very immersive, and AR provides more freedom for the users as well as high potential for marketers. AR doesn’t need to be a head-mounted display (HMD).

Now let’s dig deeper into these trending technologies to get a better idea and make the right decision:

1. Virtual Reality (VR)-
This technology takes users to an absolutely virtual world, created by computer milieu. And the most sophisticated VR experiences have the ability to provide you freedom of movement, which means customers can move in a digital environment and hear sounds as well.

One can also enhance the VR experience by using individual hand controllers. It feels incredible when you see a computer-generated milieu all around you by wearing VR headsets, which are world-famous. There are two types of popular VR headphones that are as follows:

PC connected headphones:
It stands for its name. These VR headsets can be connected to the computer for creating high-quality VR experiences. As we know that computers boast high-processing power, which is why these VR headsets can create a pragmatic and credible digital world. You can also opt for individual controllers to interact with the digital content. Examples: Samsung Odyssey+ PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Quest.

Standalone headsets-
You might have guessed what it is about. No doubt, PC-connected VR is quite expensive, and only a few people like to spend cash on such tools. There’s another and affordable way to experience the virtual reality by using standalone headsets that don’t need to be connected to a computer. Many VR standalone headsets use a smartphone screen to provide the virtual reality experience.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)- 
In AR, customers not only step into the virtual environment, but one can also witness and interact in the real world while digital content is added to it. Are you confused with the concept?

Well, have you heard the name of a revolutionary app, “Pokemon Go”? Millions of people across the globe were rushing to find that small virtual creature, which is the most popular and best example of augmented reality. Moreover, here are two ways that can help you bring experience to life:

Portable devices-
It is the most accessible AR technology as people can use their smartphones and tablets to run augmented reality apps. AR technology optimizes the camera of your smartphone to capture the authentic world. After that, virtual objects are then overlaid, and users can witness them on their smartphone. That’s how AR commonly works. And the stellar example of AR is Pokemon Go that we’ve mentioned before.

Smart glasses and AR headsets-
The second way to create AR experiences is by using smart glasses or headsets. Different from VR headsets, AR glasses, and headsets do not immerse users fully into the virtual world but add digital objects to the real world. With these glasses, users can project the data in front of people seamlessly.

What is better- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

1. Virtual Reality App Development-
As we know that Virtual app development has become a new bandwagon. Presently, businesses are seeking for highly qualified virtual developers that can develop immersive videos and games. Typically, developers build VR apps using the most popular engines for gaming, which is Unity and Unreal. Both these platforms enable developers to create immersive VR experiences that are equipped with ready-to-use hardware such as Google VR, Stem VR, Leap Motions, Oculus Rift, Play station VR, and a lot more.

What benefits can you reap from VR and AR app development services? It’s a fact that most of the VR developers prefer to work with their headsets on and develop their apps on VR. Tools like Bigscreen play a pivotal role.

However, VR app development hasn’t gained much popularity. It is still in the captivating phase in the market as the technology not at all cheap for everyday usage. But experts predict that in the coming years, VR hardware development companies are planning to produce more affordable options for people. This is high time for your business to develop VR apps before it hits the market tremendously in the near future.

2. Augmented Reality App Development-
The surprising fact about augmented reality app development is, it is already available on every smartphone presently. That’s the reason AR is always striving to deliver quality user experience as these apps use smartphone’s camera to view textual data or other videos.

As per the principle of AR app, it is divided into two basic categories: marker-based AR apps and location-based AR apps. Depending on the position of your mobile, AR app can provide contextual info on real objects.
If we consider AR apps from the marker’s viewpoint, these contextual data may include some practical tips or directions to some shops and restaurants, etc. Similarly, location-based apps let you spot an exacting star in a constellation in the sky. Opting for the right AR/VR software development services can help you develop better apps to your customers and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Summing up
AR and VR development is not a cakewalk. It requires expertise in image processing and other such tasks. That’s why hiring the right Augmented and Virtual Reality Development Company is the best decision.

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